House doesn't always win

Marvellous abandoned casino

This pearl of the Black Sea used to house the gamblers and risk takers, dice rollers and champagne callers. Some who lost, ended their days from the balconies of this marvelous building. Silence has replaced the joyful spirit. Birds, are now the kings of this castle.


Abandoned therme

This old abandoned therme is located in a quiet mountain town, hidden in plain sight. The calm interiors are still there, reminding us of the long gone, evaporating atmosphere of the place. Blue it may seem, but dry it actually is, like a mirage in the desert.

Phantom Pistons

Graveyard for cars

This huge graveyard for old cars is hidden in the outskirts of Sweden. Deep forest covers hundreds of old automobiles ranging from weird post-wagons to Rolls Royces. The cars are stacked, packed and left to rot. The silence of the place is staggering.


Beauty of the Baltics

Compilation from the Baltics

The Baltic Region - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - are filled with beautiful old abandoned buildings. Soviet era military bases, manor houses, prisons and even an amusement park are forgotten where they still stand.