A Stumble on Abandoned Palace



There was something grand in the corner of my eye. The palace was surrounded by a large park with tall trees and remains of an old fountain. The baroque scene was something we had stumbled on by mistake. 

This was only a lucky pit stop. We had parked our car next to an abandoned building, maybe a school or an administrative building visible from the road we were on just a moment ago. Lucky us. The palace was barely visible from there, but the tallness gave it away. A hundred meters further along the road and we would have missed the place entirely. We approached the park which was surrounded by fences. The full view opened up before us and it was an easy decision to start unpacking the photography gear. 

It is a different sensation finding something by a mistake. Sitting in the car, waiting to reach a place gives you the opportunity to prepare for what you are about to see. The weather, the time of the day, the surroundings, all that. You can do your homework by reading and studying the place. Not this time. 

We saw an open door to the palace. And then we saw the dogs. So, no hope of entering the building. Still, we were happy because of this coincidence. It is not about chance, it is about seeing what you are seeking and finding even when you are not looking.