Third Eye

Exploring an Abandoned Third Reich Mausoleum


Legend has it

We were inside an abandoned mausoleum (a grave site) built by the people who wore swastikas in the 1940’s. The building, oddly-shaped, stood on a windy hill, in the middle of a forest. The sun was about to set soon and moody colors were slowly forming to the stony walls of this peculiar site. If I would start a sentence saying ‘legend has it..’ it would fit here, to this place. Legend would include weird tales about occultism and Nazi commanders - these stories will spark up anyone’s imagination. But most of all, it sparks ideas how to see the place when you are standing there.

Corridors still had some old mosaic decorations and fading emblems of the Nazi eagle were visible. We had no appreciation for the ideas behind this place, quite the opposite. Still, the history and an interesting story fortified the walls here. History was the condition that made us think and see what we actually were looking at. Urban exploration is not only about finding a building - it is also about finding a building from the history, digging up the meaning of events that lead to its current state and locating it in the timeline.

Given that the place has a really strange past, did something unusual happen there? Yes. Do we believe that it was just a coincidence? Yes. Does it make a good story to tell? Yes it does.