There is Nothing to See Here

Ruins of a Soviet Research Station


Like a Fog

We were sitting in our rental car, reading a doctor’s thesis on history of the Soviet era. I was desperately trying to find any clues where this abandoned soviet research station could be located. We were close.

In the end, what we found and what we decided to publish are two completely different things. This abandoned military silo was found next to the actual research station with many of its ruined buildings. We felt that there was nothing to see there. The buildings were clearly in a very bad condition. They had seen many brisk winters and wet summers. The seasons had slammed the buildings year after year and looters hadn’t spare their claws. Still the trip was successful in a way. We managed to find a place which took a lot of effort to find and ended up with one good picture.

Thick and gloomy forests of the Baltic states are hiding something. The forests have wrapped many mysterious places inside them like a fog is hiding an island in the sea. In order to find them, you have to have a strong point of information and patience.