The Rust Gang

Abandoned places are often rather lonely places, obviously. A human mind can easily form faces to places where there aren’t any. These faces live their lives in our imagination and we decided to let our imagination run wild! So, meet the gang of with rusty eyebrows and still smiles.
Raul, male. An extrovert. Handy and intelligent small leader. A definite problem solver and overly positive personality. Although suffers from a chronic infection in a nostril. Raul seems to have success in everything he does, although with serious blunder.


Elmar, Male. This large fellow is reliable and friendly, but little slow-sided. Sometimes he gets into troubles but he always means good! Elmar and Raul are the Batman and Robin of the gang. They like to experiment with their own waste-oil BBQ glaze which is set to hit the supermarkets next summer. Ribs like no other, I can tell you that.



Penny, female. Penny is a tiny, cautious and quite often frightened little miss. When she faces danger, she turns to Elmar and hides behind Elmars large back. Elmar likes that. Her vivid eyes and frightful gaze hides her true intelligence.



Helmut, male. Helmut talks a lot and he can be a little bit of annoying if you ask the gang. Still, a fair friend. Don’t let the strong nasal voice fool you. He can seem as fool, but he actually isn’t.  


Weed and Doopie

Weed and Doopie, identical male twins. To be honest, they smoke way too much pot. They stick together but seem often outsiders to the gang.  Like potheads usually do, they get into trouble quite often. Unusual and inappropriate comments are their speciality.  



Yolanda, female. She is shy! And a little bit ”big-boned”, but let’s not focus on that. She worries, but helps everyone all the time. She has a high-pitched voice and she likes to use it. Sometimes she gets a little oil-leakage in an exciting situation and she gets embarrassed. When this happens, Yolanda’s red warning light turns on in her forehead. Boy, she’s got a tough life.



Lonnie, male. Everything comes as a surprise to Lonnie. He feels unconfortable because of his unusual color and size. He gets unwanted attention because of his looks. Not nice folks! He feels that he cannot hide anywhere. Bright side is that he’s got a lot of buttons, although nobody seems to know what they are all for. Dietrich (introduced here also) is planning to resize him and leave only the essential parts, but this might take a while…



Tesia, female. Silent and efficient, intelligent introvert. She likes to sit and watch what happens. She has a tongue like a whip with a hint of poison. She is ready for WWIII and a round of chess with G.Kasparov.



Tvrtko, male. The classic story, her mother dropped him when he was just a little machine. Communication is arbitrary, 1’s and 0’s mostly. Although he is what he is, he is equal to everyone else and he brings joy with his presence. Quite usually he drops his bolts and screws which is not very nice.  



Adorlee, female. Little miss adorlee is a fragile little bot. Always ready to give a helping hand. The gang is amused by her youth and sparkly attitude. Adorlee is the sunshine-type and seems to have a special connection with Tvrtko.



Dietrich, male. Technically superior KRAFTWERK. Every problem is solvable to the engineering-Zeus of the abandoned world. He has coded new abilities to his own CPU, which seems like heresy to many. Another eye has been destroyed in an explosion. The infection in Raul’s nostril is actually an interface-error which Dietrich still refuses to recognize. “Hardware” says Dietrich but everyone knows that he can’t admit it’s his fault. Dietrich actually did some improvements to the nostril with SQL-liniment, but some infection still remains.