Rite of passage

Fortress and its outskirts


A Long Day, a Long Way

Fields and tunnels, bushes and paths. The site was huge.

This time our passion had brought us to a fortress somewhere in Europe. The centuries old gates were scattered across the lands of this huge collage of ruins. Stony remnants formed a passageway leading to a gate. This made us wonder about our journey, our passage. We reached the gate, stepped in and found one of largest buildings we have ever encountered.

Thick bushes and nettles surrounded us. The path was just barely visible, before it was blocked by more plants taller than us. This place was not meant to be visited. Over the green barrier, we could see the fortress barracks with boarded windows. The day would be a long one because the fortress had many parts in different locations. Midsummer was within us and so was the heat.

For the past two years, we’ve found ourselves in a huge variety of abandoned places. Some have been moist factories filled with weird technical instruments and oily ladders when others are deserted military towns with tens and tens of buildings. Standing next to a abandoned saw mill in wintery Finland can be chaos - the coldness can freeze your eyebrows together. Summers can make you feel that you are in a stove oven if you find yourself walking in a tight corridor with all the equipment. Whether in cold or hot, in a forest or underwater, the journey has been worth it.