Psycho-non-active - Abandoned Mental Asylum

Imagine an old black-and-white photograph with a patient staring at a large needle which is about to enter the frontal lobe of this very person. Calmly he is waiting for the procedure to start. The expert, with his white long jacket, is looking scientific. He surely has high hopes for his miracle cure.

With the help of just one photograph, the viewer’s imagination has been ignited. It takes us to post-WWII world with insane medical treatments, LSD and mind control experiments. Imagination, in this sense, offers us the most cruel and vivid world. What really happened here, in this mental hospital in Norway, remains unanswered. 

Surely, it must have been something very horrible. 

These empty corridors don’t provide any answers. There isn’t a text in the wall saying “Something disturbing happened here”, only loose painting and red bricks. No restless ghosts or strange noises, only complete silence. If something happened here, it is long forgotten now.