Our values

We have to basic values or guidelines to in our project. The first one regards entering abandoned buildings and the second is about giving out the locations of the abandoned buildings for people who are seeking them.

We do recognize the fact that the abandoned buildings might belong to someone, “private property” in other words. If we enter an abandoned building, we never break any locks or windows, nor do we tear down boards from windows. We only walk in if the door is open. Usually we have the permission of the owner. If we enter a building, we never take anything else with us than photographs. We do not take any items or souvenirs from the places. We are not vandalists, we don’t spray of break anything. We want to honor the original. If your private property is seen in our photos, take it as a compliment.

Many people have asked for the locations of particular abandoned places. We have decided that we do not want take away the pleasure of exploration. We have done hours and hours of “detective work” in order to find what is seen in our galleries. The thrill and excitement comes from finding new places, not by going to places that have been found by someone else. And also, we don’t know if our values are upheld by other urban explorers or visitor if we reveal the locations. We don’t want these sites to be ruined directly or indirectly because of us. You will find all the places seen in our photos if you use your wits and Google street view.