Visiting an Abandoned Bath House in sunrise



In the beginning, there was no form, no symmetry. Then, these walls were constructed, roman letters carved to them and doors opened for the bath seeking pleasure mongers. The small town came alive and rejoiced in sulphuric fumes. This lasted for a while but only for a brief while.  


The element of water had surrounded the huge building and the calm interiors were still here reminding us of the evaporating atmosphere. Blue it seemed for visitors like us, but inside it was now sand dry. It was like a mirage in the desert. It was sunrise, when we stepped inside to find corridors packed with empty small rooms and weird hue.

It didn’t take us long to find the chamber which was tall and grand, illustrated with faded murals. In the middle stood the fountain. It was not the fountain of youth, more like the fountain of oblivion. It was a powerful scene. In the hidden corners, the stairways led to the balconies which were taken over by the mountain nature.

What a peculiar place. A paradise lost.

K / 30.10.2017