Iron & Seclusion

The Famous Gate


Iron & Seclusion

You've probably seen those ”10 most haunted places”-type posts on Facebook and Pinterest. This place is quite often among them. We came to a conclusion that it is the gate, not the actual manor house  behind it. A gate has a very strong meaning, like doors or other passageways usually do. It can both invite people to enter, or it can seclude people who are left with only questions related to what goes on behind the gate. The power of the picture comes from this setting, where viewers can only guess what is inside the manor house peeking through the gate. 

This place wasn’t very easy to find. We managed to find the name of the village where the building is located. Unfortunately, there were many villages with the same name in this country. After browsing through satellite images, we found a building that seemed to be right one. When arriving, we were happy to be in a right place. 

After stepping through the gate, we found ourselves in a jungle of bushes and plants. The place hadn’t been touch in years. We hiked through a fortress of green vegetation which practically concealed the building. The manor house, doors wide open, was there. We entered. 

Photographs of abandoned places are completed with the help of viewers imagination. We see something we hope, and fear, in these images. The truth is almost always different. We will leave you to imagine what was inside.