The Grey Mile - Patarei Prison

Welcome to Patarei, we hope you enjoy your visit! Patarei is an old sea fortress turned into a prison. Nowadays its abandoned, kind of. Nausea and claustrofobia are not extraordinary among visitors. The large prison complex was closed in 2002. Inside, one can find gloomy cells packed with bunkbeds, isolation chambers, administrative rooms and a library. Our favourite place was the hospital, which is still in a pretty good shape.

If you find yourself in a small room with shaky floorboards and a lonely chair, you stumbled into the execution chamber which was still used in 1991. Hanging was the way to go. We hope it wasn't the only way to get out of this depressing place.

We recommend a visit to Patarei, please make sure that you find our way out before the gates are closed, for good.