Gods Were Silent

Sea Fortress Ruins Swallowed by the Waves


Never Ending Patience

All this petty fighting over nothing. Explosions were just silent whispering in the ears of the giants. Bullets were grains of sand for these magnificent beings. The great monolith that stood in the horizon was the everlasting short-sightedness of this silly race.

What actually made sense, was the water. What beauty can be formed from only the simplest of natural elements. The decisive motion, armed with a trident made of waves and a shield shaped by patience. The water participated in the eradication of the remnants of these stupid wars.

Bit by bit, the water took down the walls of these fortresses. Gods had all the time in the world. They just watched as the water carved pieces out of these buildings standing in the water. Soon (in their perspective) they would be gone. Good!


Gods were silent.