A Careful Visit to an Abandoned Mansion


This Was a Fragile Place

There were many doors open to a mansion standing in front of us. This beautiful old building stood silently at the edge of a small town somewhere in central Europe. Like any other small town with few visitors, life seemed to be quite slow here and we felt like we were intruding just by being there, making a ripple into a calm pond. The mansion seemed to be a stubborn case as well - seemed that these corridors wouldn't lead us to main section where we would possibly find what we were looking for. They were dead ends. Except one.

There it was. The piano, still standing. It was missing legs, and we could see that it wouldn't take long that it would fall down completely. Although it was just an old instrument, left there forgotten, it had meaning. With all abandoned buildings, once something is gone, it stays gone. You cannot fix an abandoned place. Essence comes from items being untouched, windows unbroken and the scene undisturbed with motives other than ours and people seeking the same things as we. The place was very fragile.

Finding abandoned places can be hard, which is good. We want to protect these places and this why we rarely say where the picture was taken. In this mansion, we felt that this was particularly important, soon the grand scene would be history. Unfortunately, this place was easy to find.