Four Elements

Abandoned Soviet Prison Camp Welcoming Winter


Conditions Create the Scene

Sometimes you catch the last glimpse of the escaping fall. After that, winter will color the pictures with white snow taking ruthlessly away the shades of ground - green and brown. Still, we appreciate the changing conditions because they - well, change. Being outside, whether hot or cold, brings all the elements in the game. We have visited this particular place many times, this time it was just after Christmas.

This Soviet-era prison camp rests partially underwater. You can read the whole story here but for this story let’s just say that a complete visit in the place will require some scuba gear. For us, the conditions create the scene. The same place can reveal a completely different side when covered in fog. Taking family to Venize? Let’s hope for a clear skies, sunshine and mild cooling wind. Taking photos in an abandoned prison camp? Wish there were lightning strikes or dark clouds! Fire walk with us.

Hiking in rain, following old train tracks leading to somewhere lost. Crawling through a rusty air hatch on a mold-ridden factory. If the conditions would be easy, it wouldn't be the same. Not for us and not for the photos.