Fortunate Finds

Unexpected Finds in Estonia


On the Road, Off the Road

We were (again) cruising along small roads in the countryside of Estonia. I had to hit the breaks quite hard when we saw this peculiar truck on a lonely field. And reverse a little. The field and the sky wrapped the vehicle into silence. No houses, no other cars. Just us.

Driving day after day could feel like a miserable way to spend your spare time, but actually our experiences have changed our attitudes towards the open road. Cliche as it might be, you never know what you are going to see and experience the next day. So far, we’ve found ourselves in sensationally weird places which were not planned in any way. Sceneries like the abandoned car in this picture, are completely random and we just stumble upon them. This is the reason why we are on the move.

Crossroads is a place where your freedom is truly put to the test. If you have to be somewhere, you act accordingly and turn the wheel towards your responsibilities. We, on the other hand, invest in time to take the random path.

This is what we could call field work. If we wouldn’t be there, the random would be left explored. Social media is filled with pictures of famous and grande scenes of abandoned castles and manor houses. This is what most of us are after in the end, but then again, you will never create anything original if you stay on the path that has been walked many times before.