All the Joys - Abandoned Amusement Park

"Oh honey, you are acting silly!" Said the young women in an awkward coloured dress looking down to her daughter. Tears of excitement and joy were confused with the feelings of wanting everything at this instance. She didn't want to tell her the truth - many things in this place was for the older children. Especially for the boys. The furious yelling coming from the rollercoaster and sounds from the bumber cars swooping across the arena. Soon, she could grant all those joys to her little ray of sunshine.

"Can we go now to into the SKY mom, I WANT to go!" she cried in harmless agony, gazing at the ferris wheel like it would fulfill every dream she could come up with. The height gave chills to the woman, but she decided to be strong - it was only a ferris wheel, not a ghost train! She smiled and took the hand of her daughter. 
It was a happy day, a day without tomorrow.