Clothed With Rage

Last Moment in Abandoned Prison


Clothed With Rage

Room after room something interesting. The prison, with this particularly chilling patient chair, was cool but little bit mainstream. We didn’t let that stop us. Authentic all right, but something was missing. This hidden element, the essence, was the joy of finding a place. We have been traveling quite a lot and with all the "100 places to visit before you die"-guides we would start a bonfire. But since many abandoned places are known and are going to be more easily found with the sport gaining popularity, whats the point? With all the people visiting the places, they are hardly abandoned. 

Anyway, we kept going. The prison was huge and offered us something for the whole day. It was peaceful to circle around the compound looking for hints and clues about the daily life of the inmates. Prisons smell like rage, trouble and fear. They are clothed with remorse. When you see the room where people were executed, the sense is quite strong. Library with all the books on the ground. Bars and locks collecting rust. 

Urban explorers are racing against time. The stories are out there, telling everyone where to find the abandoned places. History books are turning irrelevant when popular news sites are baiting with headlines like ”10 most interesting abandoned places you didn’t knew exist”. The pleasure for us has been the search. 

The prison where this photo was taken, is now beyond the possibility of a second visit. It is closed for good and we were happy to make there in time. We won the race, this time. Combining photography with urban exploration has the advantage that we always have something we can leave with - a photo.