Close to Normal

A Forgotten Castle


Isolated, and not. 

It might feel strange sometimes, finding these buildings from unexpected locations. This castle, surrounded by thick bushes and gloomy oak trees, was one. We parked our car a few hundred meters away, next to an active soccer field. Parents were calmly watching how their kids ran after a ball, not noticing us unpacking the photo gear. We felt weird being so close to a small town, bathing in ordinary life. 

We reached a rusty gate which was open. Old tire tracks were covered with grass. The building, an old castle, was standing right in front of us. Windows were sealed tightly with pieces of wood. Impressive, we thought, as the small but unusually tall building was pointing towards the sky. We began circling the building. The moment was calm, because the small town seemed to be uninterested of the buildings existence. 

It made me wonder how the place felt so isolated, even though it was practically in the middle of a town. The green barrier of woods and bushes made sure that it was kept as a secret from people not seeking to find it. If you would want to visit this peculiar place, but don't know the exact location, it is still possible. You'll find it just there, where your parents told you to stay away from when you were only a kid. 

Satisfied with the photos, we walked away from the same gate, and after a short moment were walking again on a paved street like nothing had happened. Like the place was somewhere else.