Planning and Recon

We reached 5000 Instagram followers recently. When we reached the number, I was on a flight from Malaga to Helsinki. I noticed that we missed only a couple of followers from the magical 5000, so I hoped that I could go online as soon as I landed. My wish came true, we had 5002 followers when I opened my Instagram on Helsinki.

On this particular trip in Spain, I drove over 3000 kilometers, mainly in the southern parts of Spain. I saw lots of abandoned buildings, but I had a tight schedule so I managed to stop only for three times to take some photos of them. These buildings were small private houses, or they used to be. They were pretty, but there wasn’t anything inside them anymore. I really hoped to see something bigger, but I would have required additional time and some planning. I took the coordinates from one of the industrial compounds that look promising. Maybe I’ll come here someday again..

Because of my travels, I haven’t had the time to post so regularly to Instagram and to our websites. I’ve posted some photos to Instagram, but they have been about something else than abandoned places.  These trips will continue as long as September. I’m writing this entry while waiting for a flight to Rome. Kimmo also has some work related traveling in the summer, although he is working with our next eBook. Hopefully, we get something new out soon! 

Coming projects include: Estonia and abandoned manors part II and also an abandoned mining town called “Viivikonna”. In one week, we’ll be there. The trip is also a diving trip, and I’m going to shoot some new underwater pictures from the abandoned prison. Because these sites have been really popular in our Instagram and in our websites, I’m really looking forward to this trip. Especially in an aesthetic way these places are nice. Rummu is a place like no other, it is magical and surrealistic. I can’t get enough from the place and I want to see it in all seasons of the year.

Prypjat is on my list too, possibly this fall. The schedule is open for the trip. I am very interested for the Prypjat, and who wouldn’t be! The thought is almost utopical. If the trip takes place, it is dream come true for me. 

For the coming winter, we are planning a trip to Bulgaria, to Buzludzha. It was quite near that I didn’t end up there this summer because one of my work related travels would have took place near the iconic Soviet era monument. I would prefer a visit in the winter, because I want to see the place in a cold light - so I’ll wait for now.

Besides these travel destinations mentioned, we’ll travel in Finland, our home. We really want to get on the road and see new places. Our map is filled with railway tunnels, different kind of  factories and many more. We are doing some recon, and when we have time, we’ll go see these new attractions!