What a nice day at the Morgue!

Our last weekend was a success! Who wouldn’t enjoy a Saturday trip to a morgue and to a mental asylum, knowing that you are eventually free to leave. The original plan was to take photos in a large building that used to be central kitchen for a large mental asylum in the same area. The building that housed the kitchen is architecturally impressive and four stories tall place which was familiar to me from my previous trips to the area. Luckily, a coincidence led us to it through an interesting place, the mental asylum morgue.

We’re in the basement of a building. Most of the windows are boarded up. I’ve just entered the building and I’m gazing at the first room which is gloomy but the air is sliced sharply by couple of sunrays. The room shows evidence from an electric fire that roamed here in the past. The signs form different dark shapes to the ceiling and the walls. I can see the possibilities for my photographs. “Guess what we’ve just found?” asks Kimmo from a distance. I know instantly what we’ve discovered.

We knew that the morgue was somewhere in the building, we had visited the building but hadn’t found it the last time.  The place was quite familiar to use… Actually it was the place where Abandoned Nordic began, the first place we visited.  We heard afterwards that morgue existed but didn’t know to look for it when we were there for the first time. And maybe it could have been too much back then.

We’ve visited very strange places by now, so the place didn’t cause any special excitement. Although we respect all the places that we visit and the history behind them, this place is special for us and we respect It somehow even more. Our conversation is quiet when we continue onwards. We then leave, I’ve taken the pictures that I wanted. The photos represent purely the space and the structures of this place.  

The actual destination was familiar to, but Kimmo is here for the first time. I knew what to expect, and I was specially looking forward of taking photos of a decorative stairwell and some larger details. The building itself is very beautiful. In the first floor, one can find rooms related to the actual kitchen, for example cold storage rooms and social spaces for the kitchen staff. Long and burdensome days are in the past and the lockers were still full of shoes from the personnel.

There is a underground network of tunnels beneath the building. The network connects all the buildings in the asylum area and now we visited one the tunnels, or a starting point of one. Without a hazmat suit, the trip would not be very enjoyable. The corridors are very small and they are full of moldy smudge. Additionally we weren’t quite sure about the integrity of the structures and a thought of getting trapped in the tunnels beneath a mental asylum is not the nicest one.

We circled inside the building looking for details. The main hall of the building is very pretty, the light there is very special, and the same goes with the stairways in both ends of the building. The large attic was an exciting experience for me when I visited the place for the first time. The atmosphere was ghostly when some jackdaws were stepping above the old plate roof. We got some decent photos from our trip to the asylum and one about the stairway turned out to be a real jackpot in my @abandoned_nightmare account in Instagram.

When I’m writing this, we are both sitting in Ruoholahti, Helsinki in a café. The Sunday is dedicated for our project. Photos, Instagram and Facebook, our websites, looking for new abandoned places and planning our trips – We love to do this and we have great expectations for Abandoned Nordic. You can see the pictures of the mental asylum from Instagram by visiting our account or by clicking the “Instagram” on the first page of the websites.


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