Our start

In many ways, I feel now that we've had a really good start. A good start with the whole brand of Abandoned Nordic. It all began just a couple of months ago. Of course we've been exploring abandoned locations for quite some time, but creating Abandoned Nordic websites and working with our first eBook has given us a whole new perspective in this short period of time.  

We were heading to a new location and in the car we started talking about Instagram and all the photos about abandoned places that we see there everyday. There were two things that were missing almost every time. Why have these buildings been abandoned and who are the people exploring these great sites? After that, we decided to create a new approach. We would start to bring more information about our adventures and about the abandoned buildings. And also we would be more open about ourselves and our adventures. So, here we are now.  

I could say that Tanja is addicted to taking photos. After our decision, we've been working with these websites and the first eBook "Pulp Fiction". Its always nice to see development of the sites and people buying our eBook, but it only took couple of weeks to realize that we need to be in the "field" exploring new places. This is why we started in the first place. Tanja started to have some serious side effects when we were just sitting by the desk and bringing the websites up to speed. We decided to take a field trip and head to the town of Raasepori to see an abandoned railway tunnel. This trip really helped and I think that we now have a balance between the work with the websites and the actual work done with a camera and a pen. 

All things considered, we've had a great start and we are very excited about our future.  Creating something new is a hard work but the most important thing is, that it really drives us forward to seek new locations and dig in to the stories behind these wonderful places. And its fun, really fun.    

-Kimmo/Abandoned Nordic