Evolving Poland

We spent a week in Poland exploring the urban landscapes and places, only to discover more questions than answers. Still, Poland was good to us. 

The First Year - Memories from Our Journey

During the first year we've visited places that we didn't even dream to exist when we started Abandoned Nordic. We explored abandoned sites in -30 degrees celsius and in oppressing swelter. We visited locations in the wilderness, in the middle of cities and even above the water.  

Misery of the Mõis

Estonia is a land of many mansions, ones that are in use and ones that are abandoned. The latter don’t seem to raise any particular interest in the locals, because one can see the shapes of mansions often when driving across the country. Prosperity of the Estonians is rising rapidly and some of the mansions are now under a hammer to be renovated for their former glory but tens or even hundreds of mansions are decaying in the countryside.

Abandoned Nordic
Hazard Zone

On saturday 20th of February, 2016, I had my best Urbex experience so far. I had prepared mentally for many days because I knew that the place hold something new for me, something that I had never seen before. Tanja/Abandoned Nordic

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