10 000 Followers on Instagram

Where are we now?


Where are we now?

We’ve had two very exciting years which have included countless hours spent working on our project, Abandoned Nordic. In the beginning, it was hard to see how far we would get and how fast things would happen. Now, we have over 10 000 followers on Instagram, our own websites and the largest newspaper in Finland published a story about us and what we are doing. We set these goals to make sure that we would go forward and we have. 

In the beginning, we were just like any other urban explorers. We visited places just because we were curious and because the places looked good on camera. Our start was just a coincidence, not a starting point of a planned journey. Very soon we realized that we could start building something out of it, out of what we saw. We came up with the idea of "Abandoned Nordic" but still, we barely had a clue where this project would lead us. The project was actually called ”Abandoned Scandinavia” at first, but because there were many conflicting views about where and what Scandinavia actually is, we changed the name to ”Nordic”. 

Instagram was a natural starting point for the photos. After a while we found ourselves discussing about principles of the photos, the stories and how we could stand out from the other photographers and explorers doing practically the same thing. We were quite ambitious and began visiting weird places outside Finland. Traveling together to see these places with truly odd stories to tell, we were confident that this project was something worth continuing with full effort.  

Things developed gradually after that. We were on the road a lot, saw many places and continued developing the idea of Abandoned Nordic. We invested countless hours on editing the photos and writing the stories. And this is what it actually is. Many small things have changed, we have learned a lot but still, at the end of the day we are searching for new places to visit and sharing what we’ve seen. 

We are very proud the say that yes, we have visited all the places you can see in our Instagram and here in our websites. From time to time, we’ve felt miserable hiking in a snowstorm or driving in the night to find a place to sleep. But when we read all the comments, questions and cheers we get from our followers, we feel that it is definitely worth it. We thank you for following our adventures. 

Reaching our goals, especially 10 000 followers on Instagram, is a good reason to celebrate. At the same time we are happy and honored to celebrate Finland, our home country, which gained independence 100 years ago today. 

K/ 6.12.2017, 100th Independence Day of Finland